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Intimacy and Beds

Let’s think about our beds for a moment. We do love our beds but let’s think not just about our beds but our bodies in our beds. To state the obvious our beds are made for sleeping. We have our side, our pillow, our sheets and blankets. Our heads go by the head board. Our feet by the foot board. Sheets are tucked in at the bottom.

Very comfy. Very cozy. Warm, familiar, homey. We lie down and let our beds hold our bodies as our spirits wander off to wherever they go at night.

Although it may seem obvious that our beds are made for sleeping, the comfort they provide does not necessarily translate to creating intimacy. They are soft flat surfaces with pillows to cushion our bodies but they also keep our bodies stuck in positions that keep our imaginations somewhat limited.

Intimacy, sensuality and sexuality need creativity to stay alive. Just as my analogy about hiking only one trail may eventually stop us from hiking altogether out of sheer boredom, beginning every intimate encounter from your side of the bed could do the same thing.

Most often, we can’t move toward the top or the bottom of the bed so we are limited in those directions. Beds have one fixed height which allows a fixed number of physical possibilities. Our heads are side by side always. Our bodies are horizontal always. Unless we continually shift our side of the bed, we begin on the same side of our bodies, face the same wall, take in the same view.

Although we can never recreate the same intimacy, when we begin exactly the same way over and over again, the variations begin to become very similar.

Some quick simple solutions:

Get a massage table and set it up in the middle of a separate room and play. Try it at different heights. Make sure you can gain access from every side and then just hang out on it and see what comes up;-)

For more ideas, download my course Moving Intimacy on! It will give you 5 moving meditations that will surely jump start your intimate creativity. Look in the comments below for a coupon for 80% off! Give yourself and your partner(s) the gift of intimacy inspiration.



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