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Moving Into Intimacy

Moving Into Intimacy is the creation of Lui Gervais, somatic practice innovator and teacher. Lui (he, him) is a certified Vinyasa yoga instructor, lifelong meditator, Neo-Tantra teacher, dancer and writer. He received his MFA in movement and somatic practices from the University of Washington in 2009. Lui is passionate about helping others connect deeply in the body.


Lui works in person in the Austin area and online with couples all over the world. From singles and newlyweds, to couples in crisis, everyone can benefit from Intimacy Yoga.


  • To discover the relationship between intimacy, sensuality and sexuality.

  • To learn the ways in which intimacy becomes blocked.

  • To engage the rituals and experimental approaches that open new pathways for intimacy to flow.


In concert with traditional therapy, Moving Intimacy can help couples explore new embodied ways to heal their connections.



Moving into Intimacy

The Online Course

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Two men moving, touching and exploring a sensual meditation in the course Moving Into Intimacy

The movement exercises are the heart of the course.  Each section includes video of participants demonstrating the exercises.  Voice over instructions will help guide you.  After each exercise, a downloadable list of questions will be provided to help you speak about and learn from your experiences.

Whether you are exploring a new relationship or one that is decades old, the innovative movement exercises will inspire new ways of discovering your partner.

Man and Woman kneeling faces each other with eye contact and touching each others hearts.
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