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Moving Into Intimacy for Men

Los Angeles, May 17-19, 2024
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When we seek intimacy, we embark on a journey with ourselves and our partners.  We slowly move from one mode of consciousness into another.  From the more familiar, powerful thinking brain to the easeful, relaxed mind and the emergent sensing, feeling body. 


“Over the past year Lui has guided me to access my desires for intimacy and just as important, connect them to my mind, body and spirit. No easy task…I assure you. But through his intuitive sense, dialogue and sensitivity to my needs and boundaries, major breakthroughs have occurred. I am in touch with, willing and able to share at a deeper, emotionally intimate level.” - client


Men Moving Intimacy is a deep dive into the shared intimate space between men. Through the guided creative moving meditations, we slowly break down the barriers that separate us.  Connecting through breath, touch and movement, we will build a roiling sensual field in which we expand and merge with our partner. 


So many men long for these deep kinds of deeply satisfying experiences of community with other men.  Come with a partner or by yourself.  Bring some water.  This workshop will encourage nudity but it is not necessary.   Get ready to have a powerful session of transformation.

What Others Shared

"Thanks again Lui for a really powerful and masterfully facilitated course. Your 3-part framework was just what I didn't know I needed. It provided the language that I was missing to describe where I have been and the pain I was feeling; a way of crystallizing and celebrating the progress I have made to get to where I am today; and a way to visualize what I am aspiring for in the future. Coupled with the beautiful exercises, I am so lucky to have joined this weekend. THANK YOU!!" PM

"Your workshop was like making a visit to my home planet for realignment/tune up. Remembering the ways we can play and relate fostered a resurgence of hope, creativity and excitement around sharing my three rooms and more with others." TP

Moving Into Intimacy

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