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A Special Officiant

For Your Special Occasion


Non-Religious Officiant
Lui Gervais

Universal Life Church

Lui Gervais knows how to focus a magical sense of ceremony. As a ritual artist, he is happy to work with you to create the wedding the reflects your beliefs and values. As an acclaimed writer, he has a wonderful ability to help craft beautiful vows to fit every couple. As a lifelong meditator and yogi, he radiates a mature, calm frequency that allows others to relax and know their ceremony is in good hands. As a choreographer, he knows how to create wedding dances, to move wedding parties smoothly through space and to visually frame folks in beautiful photos.


Family Blending Ceremonies

Weddings are a time of creating new families. Although the couple getting married have a deep connection, extended families may be meeting one another for the very first time at the ceremony. Give your families and yourselves the gift of forming new supportive bonds with some physical, family, creative fun. With a River of Love ritual at the rehearsal dinner, families come together to beautiful music making the first moments when families meet harmonious and memorable. Blend your guests in a relaxed fun activity that creates important positive first impressions beyond language, culture, religion, technology or politics.


Honeymoon Rituals

Everyone dreams of a romantic honeymoon. Fortunately, deep beautiful romantic memories that last a lifetime can be created with just a little inspiration. Come to a DateNite! Or spend an hour in a private session learning a few sensual moving meditations to take with you on your honeymoon. These sweet, simple ideas will open a door to the romantic memory you’ve always dreamed of. No reason to leave the magic up to chance. Put down your phones and let social media wonder what you’re up to, as you and your new life partner move, touch, breathe and dive into one another.

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