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Men and women moving and touching and exploring intimacy in the Moving Into Intimacy course.

Work With Me

As a sex and intimacy coach, I work with self-identified men and couples of all orientations by inviting them into authentic conversations about the sexual, sensual and intimate lives.


  • to identify blocks and limiting beliefs,

  • to co-create new pathways

  • to help free clients from patterns of isolation and disconnection

  • to expand into greater erotic pleasure

  • to create the deep intimacy they desire in their lives and relationships.


My heart-centered approach is a powerful synthesis of yoga/tantra, and movement/somatic practices (the relationship between the body and mind). My book The Nipple Whisperer; and other erotic epiphanies is a  guide to sacred intimacy, along with my online course Moving Into Intimacy, I have wealth of resources and depth of knowledge to draw from to inspire your pleasure transformation.

Exploratory Call Free!

A free first-time online session that gives us both a chance to explore the possibility of working together. Let's both take a no-risk opportunity to learn more about each other and feel into the shared space between us.

In Person SI Sessions

Single Session $250

5 sessions for $1000

10 sessions for $1750

Let's dive in! Working with a sex and intimacy coach is catalytic. It's short term and life changing. If you're going through a transition with a partner or coming alive in a new way, I'm here to support you through that change. You will know how much support you need and we can design a frequency and schedule that works for you.

Online Coaching

Single Session $200

5 Sessions $900

10 Sessions $1500

Let's drop in and have a great conversation! I love to listen and reflect. Sometimes all you need is a great conversation or a single tool to help you past your current barrier. I'm here to help you in any way I can.  

Sacred Intimacy Training

$3000 or $5000 for Two

Sacred Intimacy is a practice of elevating our body-mind-spirit frequency through the study of tantra, yoga, chakras, breath work, sound, multi-orgasmic states, movement and touch. It is a way of living a fully embodied, somatically intelligent life and a vocation to help others. Taught in a cohort of 4-8 participants over 4 months.

What Our Clients Say

Fred, Client

Lui has changed my life! He has given me back to myself in a way that I am forever changed. I really love this guy. When someone really sees you and helps like Lui has, it feels like a forever friend.

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