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The River of Love

A Public Art Ritual
June 15, 2024

Summit of Mt. Tabor Park
Portland, OR
5-9 pm

Instructions Repeated on the hour!
Everyone Welcome!

As the sun casts rays of golden light through the old growth trees at the summit of Mt. Tabor, the River of Love moving meditation will flow. In nature and open to the public for the first time, with live music adding to the magic, this ritual is to be discovered by the curious who happen to visit the park that evening and especially for those invited. Like you!

As a moving meditation, it is simple. In pairs, we face one another. Look into each other's eyes, take a deep breath together and then walk slowly together down a short path. The key power of the River of Love is maintaining eye contact with each partner the entire time we are in the flow of the ritual.

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After one or two trips down the river, our centers of intelligence shift. The river dissolves our separateness. There are sometimes tears as the ritual washes away our judgements and allows us to see and feel our shared spiritual connection. Everyone becomes beautiful before our very eyes in the River of Love.

You are invited! Come and go as you wish or stay the whole time. Come participate, witness or meditate. Bring a picnic! Invite your friends! Wear something that makes you feel in alignment with a special celebration!


The River of Love is the creation of ritual artist Lui Gervais. Lui received his MFA from the University of Washington with a focus on somatic practices and danced religions. Lui offers creative somatic workshops through the Embodied Institute and The BodyElectric School. He is an officiant, dancer, writer and performing artist. He offers DateNite for couples and somatic intimacy coaching. Check out his online course called Moving Into Intimacy.

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