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A Quiet Rebranding

When I first started my somatic intimacy coaching practice, I began with the intent of using two names. The Menbodied Institute and the Embodied Institute. As I got to work, I focused my work primarily on men and their bodies as that who was coming to see me, but as the culture has shifted, so has my focus. Although I am continuing to offer workshops and sessions specifically for men, I am opening my vision to include working with couples of all genders. It’s been a wonderfully overdue expansion.

As gender has become increasingly political, stepping away from a gender identified name, like the Menbodied Institute, feels like inching my way out of the cultural crosshairs. I wonder at what point the body can be set free from the minds need to plant a flag of ownership in it. Is it on the level of air passing through lungs or blood coursing through our veins? When does being embodied and evolving our relationships to our bodies become simply universally a human endeavor? I sometimes wonder if we can ever peel the layers back far enough to simply rest in intimacy and let the physical/spiritual experience transcend the stories our mind are holding about our bodies.

The mens work will continue. You will see it now on the menu on the new site. There are Sacred Intimacy trainings and Moving Into Intimacy workshops for men still happening. In addition, there are now DateNites and somatic intimacy coaching for all couples. More on the new offerings soon.

The new logo reflects a little of my thinking and feeling about this shift. The Embodied Institute has a softer body. More yin. Arms lowered, elbows slightly bent in a gesture of welcome, ready for an embrace. The longer hair inviting a softer masculinity, less reaching and muscular proving. Still inviting diversity and balance, the new logo is ready for a new chapter of somatic, embodied offerings.

So will little fanfare…I’ve rebranded. From the Menbodied Institute to the Embodied Institute. Less a door closing than a wall, that was never really built, is coming down to let more folks in.

Welcome to the Embodied Institute! As long as you have a body, you are welcome here.





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