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The River of Love

The River of Love is flowing to Portland! June 15, 2024!

The River of Love is a moving meditation that invites us to see ourselves as part of the same flowing Source of energy.

As a meditation, it is simple. In pairs, we step onto the outer edge of a path. Looking into each others eyes, we take a deep breath together, then walk together. The key is maintaining eye contact with each of our partners the entire time. At the turn around point, we step in closer together. Seeing each other up close, we slowly float our way back to starting point where we say our thank you and start again with a new partner. It takes about 2 minutes to take the entire journey through the River of Love.

Over time, the meditation dissolves our separateness. After one or two trips down the river, we get used to the physical choreography. Committing to the brief journeys with ever changing partners, our centers of intelligence slowly begin to shift. Over time the River of Love washes away our judgements and allows us to see one another through the lens of our hearts.

For the past 20 years, I have been facilitating The River of Love. It never fails to be a powerful experience. Now for the first time, I am bringing it out into public view. To the top of a mountain. To be experienced by those drawn to this kind of ritual and to be discovered by the curious who may just happen upon this magical ritual. My hope is that random strangers find the courage to dive in.

The River of Love is free for all people! June 15, 2024 at the crest of Mt.Tabor in Portland, OR. I've started a GoFundMe to cover the costs and to jump start awareness. As the solstice approaches, my thought is to let the river flow from 5-8pm in the shadows of the old growth as the sun sets, casting rays of golden light through trees, with meditators, sound healers and musicians adding their magic to the power of the ritual gathering. Please save the date! Come to the mountain top! Dive into the River of Love!

As a dear friend who has experienced The River of Love often says, "the river of love is deep."



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