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Free Online Intimacy Coaching Session!

Email me today at for a free! online intimacy coaching session!

Let’s hop on Zoom and have an intimate chat and a check in. I’d love to learn more about you and hear what you’re exploring in regards to intimacy, sensuality and sexuality. I’d be happy to offer a few insights through my decades long study of tantra, somatic techniques, moving meditations and sacred sexuality.

If you’d like to explore working together regularly or even just once in a while, feel free to reach out to me after the call or whenever you like. But this initial call offer is free!

I’ve helped hundreds of students and clients over the years. From struggling couples who have lost their connections to individuals looking to deepen and evolve their erotic lives. I can help you too, in many ways:

  • Understand and navigate intimacy.

  • Create new pathways to the depth of connection you need.

  • Invigorate your relationships.

  • Become Multi-Orgasmic.

  • Shift your erotic attractiveness from seeking to receiving.

  • Change any patterns that keep you unfulfilled.

Working with an intimacy coach or erotic mentor is a very personal decision. It’s a relationship that can be very vulnerable making. And like any relationship, there needs to be an open-hearted connection based in trust and confidence. Most importantly, there needs to be rapport. We can’t know if we have a good connection before we meet. So let’s meet!

Here’s what a current client emailed me recently:

“I feel as though I am coming fully energetically alive for the first time in probably my whole life. I’ve always kept myself small from my shame and to please my partners but to expand into my full potential is not just about my sexuality, its also key to my creativity and health. As an artist, this is elemental to my ability to thrive and I’m super thankful that we have connected.” RD

For a great insight into my work as a teacher, check out my new book The Nipple Whisperer; and other erotic epiphanies. With nothing to lose, let’s talk soon.

Cheers! Lui

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