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A.I. vs. Embodied Wisdom

Our world is changing so quickly now!

For those who are unaware of the tipping point we are facing in terms of technology, the latest jump in artificial intelligence will change not just the way most of us live and work, but according to tech writers and behavioral scientists, it will also change the way we understand and value ourselves as embodied humans.

This quote from an article titled This Changes Everything by Ezra Klein in the NYTimes published March 12,2023 delves into the new A.I. and although this new technology will change life as we know it, there is still one domain where A.I. cannot touch.

“As A.I. continues to blow past us in benchmark after benchmark of higher cognition, we will quell our anxiety by insisting that what distinguishes true consciousness is emotions, perception, the ability to experience and feel. This is an inversion of centuries of thought, in which humanity justified its own dominance by emphasizing our cognitive uniqueness. We may soon find ourselves taking metaphysical shelter in the subjective experience of consciousness: the qualities we share with animals but not, so far, with A.I.” O’Gieblyn

In other words, we will take shelter in our embodied intelligence.

When thinking is taken over by computers, as a species we will be thrown into existential crisis. We will need our somatic wisdom more than ever. We will take refuge in our ability to feel, to touch, breathe, make sound and feel our bodies move in space. Never before will we as a species need the guidance and gift of our embodied pleasure, of intimacy, sensuality and sexuality. There will be nowhere else to remember ourselves and perhaps feel a sense of control over our lives than to go deeply within our bodies, our senses and emotions.

When the mind suddenly finds itself knocked from its throne as the dominant figure within the body-mind-spirit trinity, those of us that live in our bodies and work with Life Force Energy are uniquely poised at this moment to help.

Like that best friend hanging around for years, waiting for the love of their lives to turn and look in their direction, now is that time for that embodied love affair with our somatic intelligence to blossom.

We will be there to help rebalance a harmonious divine human being. To help those we can help with the sanity of living comfortably within our own skins as the world around us becomes something we may not entirely recognize.



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