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The Nipple Whisperer Workshop

When I was a sweet, fresh, horny young man just out of college, I went home with an older guy named Freddie. He looked like the banker from monopoly. He was totally sexy, bald, muscular with a silver handlebar mustache that totally turned me on.

When we got down to it, Freddie took to attacking my tender, young nipples. I was just beginning to discover the pleasure in playing with them when Freddie essentially turned them on. He bit and sucked on them for what seemed like hours.

I thought I was going to go out of my mind. The pain and the pleasure was intense and catalytic. I was like a deer in the headlights. I couldn’t move. He had me fully in his strong hold and my nipples were his for the taking.

Days after this session with Freddie, my nipples were raw, bloody and soon scabbed over. My shirts created scorching and not unpleasant sensations as the fabric rubbed over the tips. I was both pissed off to be so abused and elated at having experienced such an intense bliss. But for sure, my nipples were never the same.

In preparing for the Nipple Whisperer Workshop, I asked many men about their nipple stories. Some men had no connection to their nipples. Others were very connected. One man said his nipples turned on when he got them pierced while another said he lost all sensation when he had his done.

In this workshop, the goal is not just to turn on our nipples but to learn how to give nipple pleasure to another man no matter how their nipples are wired. Some men need little touch. Others need lots of intense pressure. But all nipples need touch and attention that is conscious and sensitive.

Over the years, I’ve helped lots of friends turn their nipples on. These friends dubbed me me the Nipple Whisperer because I love to help men connect to their nipples. Let me show you how in this three hour workshop.

There are two chances to catch the Nipple Whisperer Workshop this fall. October 20 at Yogasmith and December 1 at my studio on Capitol Hill. If you’d like to attend, please send me an email at

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