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Men of various enthnicities touching, breathing, connecting in intimate ways.

Sacred Intimacy Training

An eight week, hybrid introductory course

in the practice of Sacred Intimacy.

Become a teacher, healer, guide. 

Exploring Sacred Intimacy

 is a powerful life transformation.

Men touching and healing, connecting and exploring intimacy.

Sacred Intimacy is a Calling

Sacred Intimacy is a calling. There can be no better way to describe it. Are you ready to finally give in to the consistent intuitive vision of yourself as a healer that never goes away. Read more...

A man and woman kneeling, facing each other, connecting and exploring intimacy.

Course Outline

Each week a new meditation, ritual, exercise to learn and teach. Take a look at the fun in store! Join a small cohort of 4 to 6 individuals for the learning of a lifetime. Outline here...

Two men in an embrace exploring intimacy through touch and movement.

4 Things Sacred Intimates Know

Sacred Intimacy is an education like non other. There are certain things  you can learn from stepping onto this path that you may not learn any other way. These four lessons are life changing. Read More...

Happy gay couple lying down on the bed at home, hugging and flirting.

Like everything in life, Sacred Intimacy has a light and dark side. Exploring this path takes courage. Facing a cultural shadow brings us face to face with our inherited beliefs. Read more...

Man with dandelion over blurred green grass, summer nature outdoors.

The Sacred Intimates Toolbox

Although there is no set program to follow, a Sacred Intimate needs an assortment of tried and true exercises, rituals, practices and lessons to draw from…a toolbox. And here it is!

A black and white man facing and looking into each others eyes while touching,

Are You a Sacred Intimate?

Take this brief questionnaire so we can explore the idea together. Or contact me directly for a free one-on-one conversation so we can learn more about one another. Answer here...

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