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Four Things Sacred Intimates Know

Sacred Intimacy changes the way you see the world, yourself and others. Here are things Sacred Intimates embody from doing the work they do. Sacred Intimacy is a gift you give others and it is also a gift you give yourself.


Everyone is beautiful. This may sound trite, like a meme for your Facebook feed, but no matter what judgment your mind creates when you open the door to a new person, within 20 minutes they will transform before your very eyes into a beautiful person. Strengthening that muscle will makes life so much more generous and hopeful.


Shame is powerfully hobbling. It is brilliantly effective in keeping us afraid and disempowered. If you struggle with shame, you may not even yet fully know how alive you could potentially feel. As a Sacred Intimate, you most certainly do battle with your own shame and it’s a battle worth fighting.


Our bodies are capable of incredible vehicles. Most of us use our brilliant bodies in first gear, like driving a Maserati a half mile to the corner store. You cannot begin to perceive the landscape of transcendent pleasure that awaits you. The erotic epiphanies that expand your ideas of what is humanly possible. Once fully charged and aligned, you will know first hand that your body is a miracle. 


For many of your partners, you become a unique love of their lives. With those that you see with regularly, your time together is a spiritual love affair. One that exists solely in ritual space.Your time together is completely conscious, present, blissful and magic. Sacred Intimates come away giving this gift with an abundance of deep heart-centered connections and a tome of great love stories.

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