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The Shadow and Light
of Sacred Intimacy

Becoming a Sacred Intimate is a courageous act, not for the faint of heart. Sacred Intimacy is sacred work, but others around you may not be able to hold it that way. Being a Sacred Intimate is to step into a cultural shadow and be the light. It is to face the shame of a sexually ambivalent society and embody dignity and integrity within it.

The Light

Sacred Intimacy is powerfully transformative work for both the giver and receiver. As the tantric principle makes clear, either both are transformed or neither is transformed. Being vulnerable, being willing to dive in with everything you’ve got, to receive the ultimate healing of a lifetime and to offer that healing to others simultaneously is what makes this path so life changing.

If you have no need or intention to charge for your sessions, then your Sacred Intimacy practice could well become the expression of sex, love and intimacy that you have always dreamed of. A worry-free life-making gift you give to yourself and everyone who walks through your door.

Mountain View
Solar Eclipse
Solar Eclipse

The Shadow

Sacred Intimacy, as a vocation, inhabits an un-patrolled gray zone of the law and that vulnerability could be just too daunting. Healing work (in the US) that involves sexuality is highly regulated. That grey zone prevents most healers from passing this way.

Our pleasure is an integral part of our health and well-being. Between religion and government, being personally empowered while helping others with their sexual healing is the work of an activist, to challenge the status quo if only in the quiet of your healing spaces.

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