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Is Sacred Intimacy Calling You?

Sacred Intimacy is a calling. There can be no better way to describe it. To hear the insistent intuitive guidance that calls you forward down an unmistakable path to a preplanned destiny. To accept this calling is to finally give in to a vision of yourself as a healer. A call is a feeling that never goes away.

Answering the Call

A Life-Making Decision

For those who answer the call of Sacred Intimacy, that feeling of alignment is entirely life changing, life making. So many of us feel half alive. Enduring occupations until we can retire. Intuitively feeling that there must be more to being alive. Aching for work that feels purposeful. That not only feels like pleasure, but also makes a difference in other peoples lives. 

I had one follower message me that he had “career envy.” He lamented that if he had the chance to do his life over, he would have lived for the chance to heal with his body. Could this be how you feel?

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