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A Mountain of Pleasure

In the Pacific Northwest, the mountains are always beckoning! More trails than anyone could ever hike in a lifetime. Between the Cascades and the Olympics, there are always new adventures, magnificent vistas to take in.

Imagine that every time you go for a hike, you take the same trail. It leads right from your bedroom door, trips over a babbling brook, winds through a thicket of white birch and breaks out above the trees. At the very top, there is an astounding view of an ancient volcano covered in snow. Right there before you!

You love it so much, for a long time it’s the only trail you ever take. The mountains and the natural world connect you to a more primitive part of yourself. Nature is your reset and you are filled and healed by the beauty, smells and fresh air. You feel alive with the simple rooting energy of the trees and their crowning reach into the sky.

But for some reason, you’ve become stuck in a pattern of only taking this one trail. It is the most convenient trail, so that’s part of the reason. And it is your favorite! After a while, you’ve taken the same trail so many times, you’re not interested in it anymore. Eventually, you stop hiking altogether.

The mountain that you love so much is your embodied pleasure, the ever enticing magical world of intimacy, sensuality and sexuality. It gives you the vital connection to your natural self and your Life Force energy. It elevates your frequency, harmonizes your body, mind and spirit. Your favorite trail is your habitual way of accessing your mountain of pleasure.

When we form habitual patterns around pleasure, over time, they stop working. A one time thrill or favorite sensual meal will stop feeding us if repeated often enough. This is part of the reason why couples in long term relationships stop having intimacy regularly or entirely. We need continual creativity to climb our mountain of pleasure for our health and well-being. Once the joy of discovery is gone, so is the impetus to get out there and get wild.

Being creative with our pleasure can be a real challenge for many of us. Some of us simply don’t feel creative in this way. Some don’t know where to begin. I know some new trails ;-) Don’t let a little stuckness keep you from enjoying the thrilling peaks of pleasure just outside your door.



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