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“We truly enjoyed every moment. My partner just told me he thought it was the best connection we have ever had, because it was more than just about sex, it was a spiritual connection. And for me it was a learning experience, I never thought It would be this great. I honestly feel at peace and very content with myself, my husband and our bodies. You have helped us so so much. Thank you.” -

client testimonial

Working one on one with a sexual healer can be very powerful experience of transformation.  Over the last 10 years of my practice, I have called myself a Sacred Intimate, Intimacy Coach and Tantric Practitioner.  But the essence of my work has remained constant: to help men and couples navigate their way to a greater sense of intimacy, sensuality and sexuality using tools of Tantra, movement and somatic sensing.


My clients are working through a variety of issues.  Most common is a sense of disconnection and dissatisfaction with their intimate, erotic lives.  From premature ejaculation and prostate surgery to gaining confidence and expanding into a more healthy sexual expression, I work creatively, intimately and physically with every client.  

My practice draws upon many sources.  I’ve studied and been welcomed on the faculty of the Body Electric School, Tantra4GayMen and the Embodied Intimacy School in Europe.  I’ve studied and taught alongside Buster Radvick, David Cates and Mark Fleming. I am the founder of the Menbodied Institute and the producer of the Arouse Festival in Seattle.  I am a Shamanic De-Armoring graduate. Yoga, meditation, dance, Tantra and somatic movement therapy are the basis of my personal and professional education.  I hold a masters degree in dance and somatic practices from the UW.  

Single sessions are $190 for 2 hours.

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