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The Nipple Whisperer is coming in close!

Portland! Seattle! Bellingham! San Francisco!

The Nipple Whisperer is coming to your town!

Join Lui in June for a reading and signing of his new book The Nipple Whisperer; and other erotic epiphanies. Copies will be available for purchase and signing at the event! Or buy your copy today, available in paperback and ebook on

Perhaps you wonder if it’s true. If a nipple whisperer does truly exist, could they inspire your nipples to do things that they are not already doing? Whether they sleep dormant on your chest, or they are already powerfully plugged into your pleasure system, this book is for you. It is the journey to discover not just the magical power in your hands, but to share the gift of sacred sexuality with a lifetime of lovers.

June 14 @ 7 pm

The Honeycomb

2209 NE Weidler

Portland, OR 97232

June 16 @ 7 pm


Panama Hotel

605 South Main St,

Seattle, WA 98104

June 18 @ 7 pm

Heartsong Transformative Art Center

5685 Sand Road

Bellingham, WA 98226

June 22 @ 7 pm

Home of Gary Pedler

576 Church Street

San Francisco, CA 94114



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